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year of the badass

year of the badass

Natalie Cosby, Founder/Owner

Coming into the new year Kicking!

The Year of the Badass: Living Your Intention Daily

2018 was year of chaos and disorder; it had me questioning everything about choices I’ve made since hitting my forties in career, finance, and relationships. My vision–what I want in life–is clear, but the cloud of confusion made me wonder: did I make decisions in 2018 to move me closer to that vision?  Or did I make decisions out of fear and comfort? Did I live my intention?

Focus comes to me in 3s, a trinity of past, present and future. Breaking my ankle this summer forced me to slow down and take a hard look at my life and ask how am I living my truth. I’ve decided I won’t regret decisions of past or be so focused on goals for the future that I miss being in the moment–today’s moment, the present.

The only way to become what you visualize for yourself is to live that intention daily. Trust me, I know it is not easy. You are a Badass… author, Jen Ciscero writes,“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.” So, take the first step; say it; then, make moves to be it. Committing to practice, say through a yoga challenge, helps me to stay centered, shine brighter, and move from word to reality.

This year, each day, I will be in the moment and live my intentions to expand Stacked Yoga, support and expand my tribe, and become the badass I know I am.

Get ready, set, now LIVE your intentions each and every day.

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