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Welcome Stacked yoga studio

Stacked is an intimate studio that allows you to explore yoga on all levels. Whether, it’s your first time on the mat or you are almost levitating. Our goal is to create an experience on the mat that allows you to see and feel your possibilities.

Stacked AM

Have yoga for breakfast or lunch with an open level class that offers a mix of simple Hatha/Vinyasa  yoga.  We hope this becomes your shanti aka peace for the rest of your day.

Stacked Yin Yang

High tide & low tide, new moon & full moon, sunrise & sunset. Sometimes turn up and sometimes wind down, we’ll flow through the strenuous, the ascetic, and all things in between. Stacked Yin yang bring balance to our tangible and higher self.

Stacked Restore

Restores your body, mind and soul through a gentle series that address the “isums” that you hold in your life. Relax into each posture with breath and quiet the mind to restore your energy to start the week.. Restore yourself to stack your life

Stacked Flow

Come to flow and find your swag at Stacked. Our flow will open your mind and body, through an amazing series that will help build strength and endurance.  Our teachers will help build a practice with pace and patience. Stacked Flow is the class that your body has been wishing for.

Stacked Basic

Stacked basics is an introduction class to traditional postures in Hatha yoga or Vinyasa. Participants learn proper breathing and basic postures. Come to basics and get STACKED.

Stacked Power

Power remix is the class that takes the practice to the next level. Engage in a power flow while holding postures longer. Builds not only the physical, but also the mental state when one sees all that is possible on the mat.Stacked power takes your yoga practice beyond your ego.

  • New Student

  • $99mo
    • New Student Special
    • 5 classes in 1 month

  • Stacked Single

  • $301 day
    • Drop-in Class
    • Good for 1 day

  • Monthly Unlimited

  • $200/mo
    • Best Deal!
    • Auto Debit
    • 6 Month Commitment

  • Stacked 5

  • $145/mo
    • 5 Class Card
    • Expires 3 months

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